Helpful Tips & Marketing Materials

In efforts to enhance our Silicon Valley Beer Week participants’ experience, we have compiled a short list of tips & tricks and marketing materials that will help you in spreading the word effectively. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to our email list for ongoing updates.

Tip 1: Share Your Craft. Spread the word about your brews and events on your website, social media and with emails. Use #svbeerweek when sharing your stories on FB, TW and IG and show the world how much fun you’re having. The official SVBW logo is available on this page. Venues have used their social media, email lists and large displays to inform their regulars and followers and we encourage everyone to do the same.

Tip 2: Get Your Staff Excited. Hosts, brewmasters, bartenders and service staff are in direct contact with thirsty guests. Having a quick pre-shift meeting, posting specific details in service areas and even scheduling a small tasting and training will increase your staff’s knowledge and confidence, allowing them to better inform guests about your SVBW event.

Tip 3: Have Fun With It. Silicon Valley Beer Week was created to celebrate and showcase the regions bubbling craft beer industry. Have fun with it and do the unexpected. Ask enthused beer connoisseurs for feedback about craft beers they like, take surveys and gather info from guests or even attend another venue’s SV Beer Week event yourself. The opportunity to impress and gain notoriety with the craft beer crowd has never been greater. Don’t be afraid to embrace that.

Registered participants may use the images on this page to promote their Silicon Valley Beer Week participation. Click images to download.

SV Beer Week Banner Logo 2019
SVBeerWeek Square Logo 2019
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